Misaki Kawai<br/>
Photo: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br/>

Puppets with Misaki Kawai

Mon 11 Jan 21, 11am–11.45am

Misaki Kawai<br/> Photo: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br/>
Past program


This program takes place virtually

Meet NGV Triennial artist Misaki Kawai and discover her love of dogs in this interactive online event for children. Learn how to use everyday household materials to create a puppet and a vibrant scene with a free downloadable NGV Kids activity sheet.

Artist: Misaki Kawai

Misaki Kawai’s exhibitions immerse the viewer in colourful environments. Her bold, colourful paintings and drawings reflect an approach to art making described as ‘heta-uma’ – a Japanese term used to refer to a good idea combined with little attention to technique.

Online Event Instructions

This program will be delivered online. We look forward to hearing your questions or comments via the comments section.

Children may like to make along with Misaki, you will need a colour print out of the activity sheet and we suggest having some collage materials ready such as paper, a collection of recyclable boxes such as cereal and tissue boxes, scissors, glue and coloured pencils or markers. Alternatively you can watch, take inspiration and create later.

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