Summer Sundays

Past program

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NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

Spend Sunday afternoons in January soaking up the sun in the Garden at NGV, with DJs spinning classic summer tunes in the Temple of Boom each week and drinks flowing from the NGV Garden Bar.

Sun 1 Jan, 12–4pm (Past)

Shio Otani is a Melbourne based DJ & radio broadcaster. Known for her jazz stylings on her PBS FM program Eternal Rhythm, Shio stretches out into other musical realms in the club incorporating soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, electronica & music from around the world.

Sun 8 Jan, 12–4pm (Past)

Mike Gurrieri is a DJ, radio presenter, label owner & music lover who has established himself as one of the most diverse & in-demand selectors on the Melbourne circuit. Priding himself on continually pushing new sounds as well as incorporating music from the past, Mike’s sets are always full of surprises. His many years working behind the counter of several Melbourne record stores (presently Northside Records) has meant Mike has built up an incredibly diverse record collection over the years, incorporating elements of jazz, soul, disco, hip hop & electronic music from all over the world. Aside from his regular DJ sets around the bars, clubs & festivals of Melbourne, Mike’s sounds can also be heard on a weekly basis on his radio show ‘Mystic Brew’ which airs every Tuesday morning at 9am on Melbourne community station PBS 106.7FM. The show is a melting pot of new releases & features regular interviews from artists from Australia & around the globe.

Sun 15 Jan, 12–4pm (Past)

Behind the counter at Northside records and Skylab co-presenter with Lori, Sophie is no stranger to Melbourne’s music ecosystem. With no bounds, Sophie has been liberally firing jams at dance floors, working closely with Crown Ruler and various dance communities whilst being a musical friend to all. To describe Sophie McAlister’s output in just a handful of genres is to do Sophie’s craft a great disservice. She’s a purveyor of all the styles that lift your spirits and nourish your soul. An eternal learner and dedicated digger, Sophie’s ability to weave effortlessly through genres rein-scribes her specialty of playing to any dance-floor.

Sun 22 Jan, 12–4pm (Past)

Malaysian-Australian musician and producer Yeo continually explores the intersections of R&B, pop and electronic music. He traverses these dimensions through his music, with the use of innovative instrumental arrangement, wry lyricism and a truly unique genre-bending sonic palette. Yeo’s expansive body of work extends over a decade of releases, spanning many relatable themes—the complexities of human relationships, the impact of racial injustice, and the nature of conflict. Yeo‘s raw lyrics and nostalgic melodies delve into the depths of his personal experiences as a person of colour struggling to find confidence and a place to belong.

Sun 29 Jan, 12–4pm (Past)

John Tanner is a Greek-Australian musician and Architect. His family are from the Greek island of Megisiti (Kastellorizo).

As a musician he has released music under various aliases including Eleventeen Eston, Hugo Gerani & also as 1/2 of the Australian music project, Wilson Tanner.

John is currently an architect at Melbourne architecture practice, Sibling Architecture.

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