Tiny Infinite Deaths_Gregory Lorenzutti

Tiny Infinite Deaths Presented in partnership with RISING

Tiny Infinite Deaths_Gregory Lorenzutti
Past program

NGV International

Federation Court
Ground Level

Amber McCartney is a dancer who often uses her body’s liquidity to disappear into eerily beautiful, waking nightmares. Her practice incorporates prosthetics, mask-making, film and practical special effects to create augmented, foreign bodies.

For Tiny Infinite Deaths she’s chosen to embody a maggot. As a maggot, she will be your guide to the in-between—the space that exists between death and afterlife.

Her Cronenburg-esque cocoon will be created under a glow provided by celebrated light sculptor Cerith Wyn Evans. Let yourself be beckoned in.

Artists Credits

Creator and Performer: Amber McCartney
Costume Designer: Andrew Treloar
Composer: Makeda Zucco
Producer: Estelle Conley (Lucy Guerin Inc)

Content Warning: Contains loud sounds and horror themes.

Commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc for PIECES 2022, in partnership with The Substation. Presented as part of RISING, 7–18 June.

Sat 17 Jun, 6.30–7pm (Past)

Sat 17 Jun, 8–8.30pm (Past)

Sun 18 Jun, 6.30–7pm (Past)

Sun 18 Jun, 8–8.30pm (Past)

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