Year 4-12

This education resource accompanies the exhibition Australian Impressionism (2007) which focused on the emergence of Australian impressionism through five key exponents of the movement: Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder, Fred McCubbin and Jane Sutherland. The resource includes an investigation of the historic and artistic context of Australian Impressionism and contemporary interpretations of selected works to highlight the enduring role the artists’ works have played in reflecting and defining Australian culture and identity. Images of exhibition works and contextual and comparative images are provided to enrich student understanding. These are accompanied by questions and activities designed to actively engage students with the exhibition’s key themes and ideas, and foster thinking and learning skills, including creative thinking, analysis, communication and teamwork.

Suitable For VELS – the Arts, Levels 3-6 VELS – The Humanities, Levels 3-6 VCE History VCE Arts VCE