Great Wrap and Bayly Group <em>Great Mate and Nudie Roll </em>designed 2019–22; potato waste, compostable bio-polymer compound, polyethylene terephthalate. Courtesy of Great Wrap and Bayly Group<br/>
© Great Wrap and Bayly Grou
Creative Practice: Great Wrap


  1. Describe Great Wrap’s product range. What problems does each product address, and how do they solve them?
  2. Consider the steps in the design process. How did Julia and Jordy Kay follow this process when developing their compostable stretch wrap and dispenser? How did each step inform the next?
  3. Describe the role of sustainability in Great Wrap’s practice. Consider the ideas that prompted the development of the Nudie Rolls and the Great Mate dispenser, and the materials and processes involved in their development and production.
  4. Describe the appearance of the Great Mate stretch wrap dispenser. How have aesthetic considerations informed the design of this product? Think about the design elements and principles when generating your answer.
  5. In the video ‘Design Process, Development and Evaluation’, Julia explains the importance of customer feedback in the design process. What feedback did Great Wrap receive from customers about the functionality of their stretch wrap, and how did this feedback influence their practice?
  6. In the video ‘Collaboration’, Jordy and Julia describe the factors that make Melbourne a world-class city for product design and technological development. What are these factors, and how have they contributed to Great Wrap’s success? What role does each factor play in maintaining Melbourne’s reputation as a creative and innovative city?
  7. How does Great Wrap’s practice make you feel about how you approach product design? What have you learned that you might apply to your own design practice?