Rosalie Gascoigne<br/>
<em>Sweet lovers</em> 1990<br/>
reflective synthetic polymer film on plywood<br/>
105.0 x 79.5 cm<br/>
Collection of Christopher Hodges<br/>
and Helen Eager, Sydney<br/>
Photo: Christian Markel<br/>
© Rosalie Gascoigne Estate. Administered by VISCOPY, Australia

This education resource accompanies the exhibition Rosalie Gascoigne (2008–2009) which surveyed the career of this acclaimed Australian artist. The exhibition investigated the artist’s ability to draw creative inspiration from found materials, her intrinsic response to these materials, and her unique ability to convey the essence of nature and the effects of light, air and space. The resource offers students an insight into the artist’s life and work through a series of questions and activities which examine the artist’s distinctive style, the connections between the artist’s work and poetry, and the way in which her work engages with the Australian landscape.

Suitable For VELS – The Arts, Levels 4-6, VELS – English, Levels 5-6 VCE Art, VCE Studio Arts