Brendan Hartnett<br/>
<em>Ennui</em> 2016<br/>
oil, synthetic polymer paint, cement and charcoal on canvas<br/>
125.4 x 180.0 cm<br/>
St Joseph's College, Ferntree Gully<br/>
© Brendan Hartnett

Top Arts 2017 | Interview with Brendan Hartnett

Brendan Hartnett
Ennui 2016

What has the highlight been of Top Arts 2017?

The highlight was definitely the opening night, watching everyone look at the painting and celebrating all the hard work that went into creating the piece.

Do you plan to pursue a career in creative industries?

The plan is to be a full time practicing and exhibiting artist after I complete my degree in fine arts at VCA.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

Right now I’m really into Cy Twombly’s work. I love how he paints so sporadically.

What you learnt from the process of Top Arts 2017?

I’ve learnt to be a go getter, and to apply myself to every opportunity.

What would you do differently if you were to do your VCE folio again?

I would do more, draw more, write more. Overall I would have pushed out more folio work.

Have you been working on any creative projects since your work was accepted into Top Arts?

I’ve just completed a residency at burrinja gallery as part of “Open Studios”, where I worked in a studio with 10 other emerging artists, breaking down the conceptual and conventional studio experience. Our space opened up over a weekend to the public where people walked through the space, and watched us work and bought some of our pieces.

What advice would you give students going into Year 12, in how to prepare for Art or Studio Art?

I would tell them to always work on their folio, whether it be sketching on the train or jotting down ideas, its important to notate your creative process so you can further develop your work.

Do you have any reflections on your work from Year 12?

I did a good job I think, it was hard balancing the work load, but I loved what I was doing. I’m so proud of the piece, it really validates what I’m trying to convey as a practicing young artist.