Gordon BENNETT<br/>
<em>Home décor (Preston + de Stijl = Citizen) Panorama</em> 1997 <!-- (recto) --><br />

synthetic polymer paint on canvas<br />
(a-b) 182.7 x 365.3 cm (overall)<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Presented by the National Gallery Society of Victoria as the winner of The John McCaughey Memorial Prize, 1998<br />
1998.27.a-b<br />
© The Estate of Gordon Bennett

VCE Literature: Literary Perspectives

Home décor (Preston + de Stijl = Citizen) Panorama 1997

NGV Education are delighted to announce a new education online resource developed for students and teachers of VCE Literature as an introduction to literary perspectives.

Written in collaboration with VATE, (The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English), the resource provides an introduction to literary perspectives.It demonstrates practical ways to negotiate theory in the classroom by focusing on four works in the NGV Collection.

Analysing literary criticism or reading a text through a different lens can be a challenging and daunting way to begin; students often find it more accessible and tangible to do this visually. Art invites the sorts of analytical and critical thinking skills that are crucial to close reading. In the resource, students will learn how to identify and evaluate different perspectives utilised in literary criticism and develop transferable skills that will help them apply literary theory in the classroom.

You can access the full resource here.