Victor Moore<br/>
<em>A grain of sand</em> 2016<br/>
colour animation transferred to flash drive, sound<br/>
5 min 32 sec<br/>
Billanook College, Mooroolbark<br/>
© Victor Moore

Top Arts 2017 | Interview with Victor Moore

Victor Moore
A grain of sand 2016

What has the highlight been of Top Arts 2017?

It was great seeing others viewing and commenting on the animations, but the highlight would have been looking at the other works in Top Arts. It’s a nice feeling inspired by others from my own generation and also being able to identify with the problems and concerns they bring up in their works (year 12 especially).

Do you plan to pursue a career in creative industries?

Animation is a really interesting medium, and film is too. A studio such as Leika would be great to work at, or maybe a smaller studio. Something with creative freedom.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

A great artist is Wes Anderson, the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox. He has been an inspiration to many over the last few years, myself included. His films are so incredibly detailed and nuanced, and so it’s easy to pick and choose which aspects of his works I want to borrow.

What you learnt from the process of Top Arts 2017?

Top Arts has taught me what it’s like be part of an exhibition, and what exactly is involved. Especially regarding the NGV and the people who work there.

What would you do differently if you were to do your VCE folio again?

I probably would have focussed on organisation, mainly to give my teacher an easier time with marking.

Have you been working on any creative projects since your work was accepted into Top Arts?

I’m still at school, and while I’d love to be starting a gap year or my first years of uni, it does give a great chance to continue doing little projects and developing ideas for future films. Especially in my media class.

What advice would you give students going into Year 12, in how to prepare for Art or Studio Art?

I think that it’s important to find an idea that really excites you – one that you will be able to develop consistently throughout the year, without growing tired of. Rather than focussing on art styles and movements early on, you’ll probably have an easier time being driven by ideas that are important to you. Also listen to your teacher, they know more than you might think.

Do you have any reflections on your work from Year 12?

There are so many directions you can go with paintings, drawings, sculptures and film. Even the slightest adjustment in an idea can completely rework the final product. I imagine that everyone would have changed quite a bit since they created their year 12 works, so it’s safe say that our works would probably turn out completely different if we created them again.