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About NGV Teens

See art, make art, meet artists, be inspired.

NGV Teens offers specially tailored programming that connects young people with art and artists at the Gallery. We aim to offer the NGV as a space for young people from all backgrounds to express themselves through creative projects and discussions of the big ideas behind great art. Young creatives aged 13-17 can get involved to gain special access to the NGV, and to the broader creative community of visual artists, designers and performers in Victoria.

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Celebrate the last chance to visit NGV Triennial! Returning these school holidays, teens take over the NGV for Art Party for one night only. Meet Karen from Finance

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Triennial Highlights


Einat Amir: Coming Soon Near You

Ground Level

Einat Amir invites you to sit in her constructed lounge room and watch a television show, film or home movie of your choice. In this way, the private ritual of watching television in the family living room – where loved ones gather to enjoy leisure time, snacks and favourite films – becomes a public spectacle or performance for others to observe. Book your session today at


Yayoi Kusama: Flower Obsession

Ground Level

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most celebrated living artists in the world today. She sees the world in dots and she wants you to experience this too entering her world. In creating a new work for the NGV Triennial, Kusama invites you to take a single red flower, and find a special spot in the house to help obliterate all the surfaces with flowers.


Nendo: Manga Chairs

Ground Level

Nendo’s Manga chairs translate traditional graphic forms from Japanese manga comics to furniture design. Manga comics are characteristically flat and abstract, with line work typified by visual dynamism. The style, which developed in the late nineteenth century, has its origins in earlier ukiyo-e prints from the Edo period and today is an iconic form. Each of the fifty standard chairs is reimagined with a design element drawn from manga; lines that depict movement, speech bubbles and symbols are all used to visualise emotion.


Ron Mueck: Mass

Level 2

Inspired by the complex biological structure of the human skull – which the artist considers beautiful and extraordinary – Ron Mueck’s new work Mass, 2016–17, celebrates a form that links us as a species. Mass is also a sombre study of mortality, and comprising 100 individual human skulls it calls to mind iconic images of massed remains in the Paris catacombs as well as the documentation of contemporary human atrocities in Cambodia, Rwanda, Srebrenica and Iraq.


Tom Crago: Materials

Level 3

This project by Melbourne games designer Tom Crago uses the latest virtual reality (VR) systems and hardware to create a new kind of game at the intersection of art and design. Entering the game, each player discovers that they are a virtual traveller alone on an awe-inspiring ship. In this haunted digital space, the player moves through the vessel, collecting glowing fragments of a geometric work of art by artist Viv Miller. These elements combine as a unique audiovisual composition.


Pae White: Untitled

Ground Level

Known for her boundary-pushing installations using thread, yarn and weaving, Pae White’s installation (Untitled), 2017, uses graphic forms writ large as the starting point for an exploration of space. Acrylic yarn extends the outline of the flat shapes in three-dimensions, as solid lines within the gallery. Moving through the room and between the coloured forms shifts the viewer’s perception of space as new compositions of line, form and colour reveal themselves from different positions.


Hassan Hajjaj: Noss Noss

Ground Level, Gallery Kitchen

Hassan Hajjaj has a long-standing involvement with photography, video, fashion and music and his work evokes African studio portraiture from the 1960s and 1970s. For the NGV Triennial Hajjaj creates a lively experience whereby visitors are transported into a Moroccan tea house with furniture made from found materials, traditional rugs, artist-designed wallpaper, light fittings and a selection of Hajjaj’s vibrant photo-works.


Fantastic, ambitious, angry, mysterious: take a step inside the extraordinary lives and times of twenty-five artists who have made an impact, and told a good story along the way. You’re invited to join author Ronnie Scott and guests on a journey through twenty-five of the most dramatic and exciting stories about artists and artworks in new NGV teen publication 25 International Artists Who Have Made an Impact.

We are extremely thankful to Mrs Krystyna Campbell-Pretty and the Campbell-Pretty Family for their generous support which has made this publication possible and has broadened access to the NGV Collection through ongoing programming for young visitors.

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Top Arts 2018 presents a rich range of diverse and accomplished works of art from students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) 2017. Fifty-four inspiring young artists from throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria have delved deeply into some of the greatest concerns of contemporary times. Environmental degradation, psychological resilience, the influence of mass media and materialism are a few. Celebrations of human diversity, transition and surprising views of our world are also wonderfully captured and presented. Our next generation of artists have courageously experimented with traditional and unusual materials. Some of them share their experience.

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Browse through the NGV education resources online to find helpful hints and tips on completing curriculum assignments. NGV Education Resources are designed to help enhance an understanding of art methods, movements, and the world in which we live. Education Resources


For over twenty one years, this popular exhibition has presented outstanding work by students who have completed Art or Studio Arts studies in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), providing insight into young people’s ideas, thinking and creative practices. Top Arts 2018 See all previous years