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Woman in wig and gown Charles Samuel KEENE Monsieur Le Bret and his son, Cardin Le Bret Hyacinthe RIGAUD The Rt Hon. Charles Wolfran Cornewall Thomas GAINSBOROUGH William Congreve John SMITH (mezzotinter); Godfrey KNELLER (after) Henry Sacheverell John SMITH (mezzotinter); Antony RUSSELL (after) Noel Coypel J & B AUDRAN Edward Lord Thurlow UNKNOWN; Joshua REYNOLDS (after) Andrew Le Nostre UNKNOWN; Carlo MARATTI (after) Jean Jullienne UNKNOWN; - de TROYE (after) Right Hon. Sir Alexander J E Bart - Judges Carlo PELLEGRINI,(known as APE) Edward Lord Thurlow UNKNOWN; Joshua REYNOLDS (after) James Gibbs Peter PELHAM (mezzotinter); Hans HYSING (after) Francois Girardon UNKNOWN; Joseph VIVIEN (after) Lord Penzance - Judges Carlo PELLEGRINI,(known as APE) Thomas Murray John SMITH (mezzotinter); Thomas MURRAY (after) Anthony Sayer UNKNOWN; Joseph HIGHMORE (after) William Wycherley John SMITH (mezzotinter); Peter LELY (after) Samuel Foote Thomas BLACKMORE (mezzotinter); Joshua REYNOLDS (after) Thomas Gray William MASON Nicolas Coustou UNKNOWN; Alphonse LEGROS (after) Monsieur Jule Hardouin Mansart UNKNOWN; F DETROY (after) Carlo Maratti Jacob FREY (engraver); Carlo MARATTI (after) Olivier le Fèvre d'Ormesson Antoine MASSON William Cowper John SMITH (mezzotinter); John CLOSTERMAN (after) Dr Richard Mead UNKNOWN; Allan RAMSAY (after) Richard Steele John SMITH (mezzotinter); Jonathan RICHARDSON (after) High life in Venice Thomas ROWLANDSON Portrait of a gentleman (with long grey wig) UNKNOWN Jean Jouvenet Antoine TROUVAIN; Jean JOUVENET (after) William van der Velde UNKNOWN; Godfrey KNELLER (after)
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