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International Decorative Arts (6,931)

Wine glass SPAIN (Ildefonso) Bwana, armchair and footstool FRANCE & SØN A/S, Hillerød (manufacturer); Finn JUHL (designer) Untitled group, from the Macchia series Dale CHIHULY Needle case ENGLAND (manufacturer) Clock Josef HOFFMANN (designer); WENZEL HOLLMANN, Vienna (manufacturer); OSKAR MEINDL, Vienna (manufacturer) 1905 Shand Mason horse-drawn fire engine Y4-2 LESNEY PRODUCTS & CO. LTD, Hackney, London (manufacturer); John W. ODELL (modeller) Coffee pot, stand and lamp WILLIAM EATON, London (manufacturer) Sideboard, from the Langer apartment Adolf LOOS (designer) Sideboard John MOYR SMITH (designer); COX & SON, London (attributed to) (manufacturer) Farm wagon BRITAINS LTD, London (manufacturer) Salt cellar ROBERTS & HALL, Sheffield (attributed to) (manufacturer) Sorrento, coffee service MYOTT, SON & CO., Staffordshire (manufacturer) Tea urn CHARLES ALDRIDGE, London (silversmith) Teaset NEW HALL CHINA MANUFACTORY, Staffordshire (attributed to) (manufacturer) Vitrine, from the Gallia apartment boudoir Josef HOFFMANN (designer); WIENER WERKSTÄTTE, Vienna (commissioning workshop); J. SOULEK, Vienna (manufacturer) Ink stand ENGLAND (manufacturer) Lady’s writing desk Jacques-Emile RUHLMANN (designer) Wine glass SPAIN (Ildefonso) Bookcase, from the Gallia apartment smoking room Josef HOFFMANN (designer); WIENER WERKSTÄTTE, Vienna (commissioning workshop); WENZEL HOLLMANN, Vienna (manufacturer) Firing glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) Cowshed in Swiss Saxony, beaker Gottlöb Samuel MOHN (decorator) Cain and Abel, double-spouted ewer FONTANA WORKSHOP, Urbino (manufacturer) Alpheus and Arethusa, Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, double-spouted ewer FONTANA WORKSHOP, Urbino (manufacturer) Covered ceremonial goblet ENGLAND (manufacturer) Hall chair ENGLAND (manufacturer) Wine glass ENGLAND, Newcastle (manufacturer); THE NETHERLANDS, Holland (engraver) CUP & SAUCER Marseilles (manufacturer) French knife GERBER LEGENDARY BLADES, Portland (manufacturer) Wine glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) CUP & SAUCER FULDA PORCELAIN FACTORY, Fulda (manufacturer)