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International Decorative Arts (6,931)

CUP & SAUCER Doulton & Co. (manufacturer) CUP & SAUCER Doulton & Co. (manufacturer) CUP & SAUCER Doulton & Co. (manufacturer) CUP & SAUCER Doulton & Co. (manufacturer) CUP & SAUCER Doulton & Co. (manufacturer) Pelicanus Bellicosus teapot Matteo THUN (designer); MEMPHIS, Milan (retailer); ALESSIO SARRI CERAMICHE, Florence (manufacturer) Wine glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) LORGNETTE Pin with Jacquie's feathers Wendy RAMSHAW Modern, saucer for a mocha cup PFEIFFER & LÖWENSTEIN, Schlackenwerth (manufacturer) Decanter ENGLAND / IRELAND BROOCH Beverley PHILLIPS Cup and saucer DERBY PORCELAIN, Derby (manufacturer); William BILLINGSLEY (attributed to) (decorator) Wine glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) Modern, coffee cup and saucer PFEIFFER & LÖWENSTEIN, Schlackenwerth (manufacturer) Sovereign purse ENGLAND, (Birmingham) (manufacturer) Putto, candlestand PLYMOUTH PORCELAIN FACTORY, Plymouth (manufacturer) Card case HENRY MATTHEWS, Birmingham Wine glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) Pair of plates WEDGWOOD, Staffordshire (manufacturer) Panel Caspar LEHMANN (engraver) Modern, entrée plate PFEIFFER & LÖWENSTEIN, Schlackenwerth (manufacturer) Jug DOULTON & CO., Lambeth, London (manufacturer); Mark V. MARSHALL (decorator) Wine glass ENGLAND (manufacturer) Mourning ring ENGLAND (manufacturer) CHATELAINE NOTEBOOK Covered jug WORCESTER PORCELAIN, Worcester (manufacturer) Jack-in-the-pulpit, vase Louis Comfort TIFFANY (designer); TIFFANY FURNACES, Corona, New York (manufacturer) Modern, soup plate PFEIFFER & LÖWENSTEIN, Schlackenwerth (manufacturer) JUG Doulton & Watts (manufacturer)