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Illuminating Australian Art – Modernism and Beyond
Ways of Making, Ways of Looking

NGV Australia, Federation Square
Ground Level

Presented in collaboration with Deakin University

Sun 17 & 24 Sep, 1 & 8 Oct, 1pm-3.30pm

This short course provides an engaging exploration of modernism and beyond in Australian art with a focus on illuminating works in the Australian collection and current NGV exhibitions Brave New World: Australia 1930s, Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990s and Past Legacy: Present Tense.

Each week of the program will begin with a lecture or short talks exploring a key theme or idea, followed by floor talks in the collection and exhibitions.

Through a focus on current NGV exhibitions, and selected works in the NGV collection, participants in this course will develop:

  • an understanding of significant moments in twentieth and twenty-first century art
  • deeper knowledge of key works in the NGV collection
  • insights into the making of art and artists’ practice
  • skills in interpreting art

Presenters will include NGV curators, educators and Deakin University academics and artists.

Single Session cost: $48 A / $45 C / $40 M & Deakin Alumni/ $25 S

Sun 17 Sep, 1pm (Past)

Turbulent Times
Focussing on the exhibition, Brave New World: Australia 1930s, this lecture will examine how artists used a multitude of styles to articulate pressing concerns and developments of the period such as the impact of new technologies; a growing interest in ‘body culture’; the rise of the so-called ‘new woman’; and the impending war.

Speaker: Dr Isobel Crombie, Exhibition curator and Assistant Director, Curatorial and Collection Management, NGV

Floortalk – Ways of Making: Pioneering Abstraction

Beckett Rozentals, Curator, Australian Painting, Sculpture and Decorative Arts to 1980, NGV, will discus approaches to abstraction through works in the NGV Collection.

Floortalk – Ways of Looking: Capturing the Zeitgeist 

Ingrid Wood, Educator, NGV, will lead an interactive discussion exploring how Grace Cossington Smith captured the essence of modernity in The Bridge in-curve, 1930.

Sun 24 Sep, 1pm (Past)

Nature /Culture
From Modernism to postmodernism, bodies come in and out of focus in Australian Art. This talk will discuss nature/culture relationships in selected twentieth century works on display at NGV and consider how artists take living organisms as both the subject of artworks and the means by which they are produced.

Speakers: Annika Koops, Artist & Lecturer in Creative Practice, Art and Performance, Deakin University & Linda Tegg, Artist & Lecturer in Art and Performance, Deakin University

Floortalk – Ways of Making: Artist Talk

Patricia Piccinini will discuss the concepts behind her works Psychogeography, 1996 – printed 1998 and Psychotourism, 1996 – printed 1998 and the processes involved in making them.

Floortalk – Ways of Looking: Inspired by Nature

Susie May, Educator, NGV, will lead an interactive discussion exploring how Fiona Hall draws inspiration from the natural environment to create meaning.

Sun 1 Oct, 1pm (Past)

Original Sin: Appropriation, Pastiche and Politics in Australian Art of the 1990s
A focus on Australian art in the 1990s with specific reference to the ways in which Australian artists engaged with postmodern ideas of appropriation, allegory and pluralism. This lecture will examine how these ideas impacted and were shaped by the so-called culture wars of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Speakers: Professor David Cross, Artist and Head of Art and Performance, Deakin University & Patrick Pound, Artist and Senior Lecturer in Art and Performance, Deakin University

Floortalk – Ways of Making: Artist Talk

Kerrie Poliness will discuss the concepts behind and the making of her work, Red matter wall drawing #3 instruction book, 1994.

Floortalk – Ways of Looking: The Audience

James Lynch, Artist and Curator, Deakin University, will look at the exhibition Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art of the 1990s and discuss the changing relationship between art, exhibitions and audiences. How has a culture of consumption and self-identity changed the nature of our cultural experiences?

Sun 8 Oct, 1pm (Past)

Indigenous Art: Past Legacy: Present Tense.
This lecture will discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from city and bush studios who have made their mark by reinterpreting and transforming signs and symbols and customary objects of another time and place into something daringly different and modern.

Speaker: Judith Ryan, Senior Curator Indigenous Art, NGV

Floortalk – Ways of Making: Artist Talk

An artist will discuss their work in the exhibition Past Legacy: Present Tense.

Floortalk – Ways of Looking

Myles Russell-Cook, Curator Indigenous Art, NGV, will discuss representations of Aboriginal identity through a focus on the work of Percy Leason.