Olivia Jonasz<br/>
<em>My sister's paralysis</em> 2020<br/>
plaster, fineliner, pillow case, cotton fabric<br/>
(a) 71 x 44 x 21 cm (pillow 1); (b) 141 x 89 x 31.5 cm (plaster cast 1); (c) 70 x 44 x 21 cm (pillow 2); (d) 163 x 97 x 25 cm (plaster cast 2)<br/>
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Bentleigh<br/>
© Olivia Jonasz<br/>

Unable to move or speak, panic and fear set in. Sleep paralysis may not be visible to the observer, but for the sufferer it is a visceral experience. Olivia Jonasz captures this state in her installation: the facade of a calm peaceful sleep in conflict with internal emotions of immense anxiety. She used plaster to create body casts and then covered them with bedsheets; the graphic portraits of her sister were hand-drawn on the pillowcase.