Sarah Jajou<br/>
<em>Bilnqul ‘Arabuk 'and 'Iinjlsh Kuradas'</em> 2020<br/>
inkjet print on paper<br/>
Indiv.: 102 x 152 cm (frame min. 750 x 650mm)<br/>
The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Southbank	<br/>
© Sarah Jajou<br/>

Sarah Jajou tackled the tension between her Middle Eastern heritage and Western perspective in search of a composite identity. The resulting work explores the role of linguistics in constructing and deconstructing cultural barriers. Using Google Translate, Jajou focused on the potential for misinformation and misunderstanding to spread between cultures as a result of nuances in written and spoken language. Bilnqul arabuk and iinjlsh kuradas features children’s playing cards that draw upon transliterated Arabic and English script, teasing audiences into engaging with the sound and meaning of words