Brian Alfred<br />
United States 1973–<br />
still from Overload 2004<br />
Flash animation; DVD<br />
2:49 minutes, ed. 6/10.<br />
Purchased 2004.


Free entry

NGV International

Ground Level

19 Nov 04 – 5 Jun 05

Metropolis is an exhibition of international projection works created by artists who have used the idea of the city as a source of inspiration. The nine works included in the exhibition explore the city as both a physical and psychological space, and address subjects including: our relationships with and use of the constructed environment, the differences between personal and public space, the impact of architectural development and gentrification, as well as issues such as terrorism and surveillance and the nature of physical attraction and interpersonal relationships in large urban centres. The works in the exhibition play with real and imagined spaces, and range from the poetic to the representational.

Most of the artists in the exhibition are based in New York, while some originate from the broader USA and Europe. Australian audiences have not previously experienced the work of many of the artists included in Metropolis , and it will be a premier in this country for each of the works on display.

The artists included are Cristian Alexa, Brian Alfred, Andy Diaz Hope, Nicholas Golebiewski, Tom Otterness, the collective PHAT, Shoba, Beat Streuli, and Abbey Williams.

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