Emily Kam Kngwarray<br/>
<em>Anwerlarr anganenty (Big yam Dreaming)</em> 1995 <!-- (recto) --><br />

synthetic polymer paint on canvas<br />
291.1 x 801.8 cm<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Presented through The Art Foundation of Victoria by Donald and Janet Holt and family, Governors, 1995<br />
1995.709<br />
© Emily Kam Kngwarray/Licensed by Copyright Agency, Australia

A new initiative made possible with the generous support of the Ullmer Family Foundation, this project contextualises contemporary art, ideas and issues with a First Nations-first approach.

The initiative fosters conversations and explores new thinking alongside key cultural, industry and creative partners and individuals through diverse and dynamic events, talks and collaborations. This is an opportunity to amplify Indigenous stories at a time when who and what we stand for has never been more pressing.

Generously supported by the Ullmer Family Foundation.

Amplifying Voices

To coincide with the opening of Watercolour Country, the Ullmer Family Foundation supported the commissioning of First Nations artists and descendants of artists, in discussing their work and the work of their ancestors. These recordings are presented in the form of QR codes on artwork labels, for visitors to access on their phones within the space.


Connecting the Dots: First Peoples Art from the NGV with Tony Armstrong

Conceived and produced by the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Connecting the Dots: First Peoples Art from the NGV with Tony Armstrong is a four-episode podcast series that delves into the stories, works and artists in the NGV’s globally significant collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and design.


Naming Country

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have called Australia home for thousands of years, and their various languages have named its landscapes and waterways since long before colonisation. In line with RESONANCE, an initiative dedicated to amplifying First Nations voices, stories, and perspectives at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, we have now included Country and place names on all Australian art labels. This information is displayed alongside the production place on each label, and in the extended text of artworks created by non-Indigenous artists, where we now specify the traditional name of the place depicted.

At NGV, we acknowledge that Country and traditional place names do not adhere to rigid boundaries and that dialects and languages can vary. As such, we encourage feedback, corrections, and additions to this project. This collaborative effort allows us to ensure that the rich tapestry and diversity of First Nations voices are faithfully and accurately represented on our labels.

Please email us at ngvcountrylabels@ngv.vic.gov.au.

NGV Courses

Launching in the second half of 2024, the NGV will present a four-week course on First Nations art and design led by NGV curators, exhibiting artists and First Nations community members. In this introductory course, participants will learn about the art, culture and design of Australia’s First Peoples through a close study of historical and contemporary First Nations art and design in the NGV Collection. Sessions will be held after-hours in the galleries at NGV.

Content of the four-week course will be translated into a self-guided online course, accessed via the NGV’s online learning platform, featuring pre-recorded videos and readings that participants can work through at their own pace.

Click on the link below to register your interest and to be notified when enrolments open.

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