Melbourne Now countdown – day 62

As we approach the exhibition we have the opportunity to capture unique moments of each artist’s creative process. Recording interviews provides a glimpse into the thoughts, plans, dreams and fears behind the artists’ finalised artwork. In order to show you these moments in a variety of outlets, the Multimedia Production Department has been interviewing artists and collaborators for the last few months, capturing their impressions as they move from the idea stage to physical construction.

By capturing the words, images and sounds of the people involved in a project of this scale, we are collecting intimate and historical bits of information, this blog being a salient example of such an evolving work in progress. From touching a screen to find out who the artist behind an installation is, to taking in the immersive sound of that installation in place, the show invites active exploration. The interaction we are producing inside and outside of the Gallery is that point of contact where the audience’s curiosity meets the artist’s intention, and the Multimedia department has been developing interfaces such as the Melbourne Now eBook, mobile app and website to make these encounters happen. There you will find all the artists’ insights we are collecting now.

As a show with a strong focus on active public engagement, Melbourne Now is framing a moment in the ongoing conversation within our city’s creative community.