Stutterances: public speaking, private thinking, social listening

In conjunction with the 15th Liquid Architecture festival, Liquid Architecture, National Gallery of Victoria and ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit present Stutterances on Thursday 25th September.

Stutterances; public speaking, private thinking, social listening.


The lecture is about information. The stutter is about interruption. The Stutterance is the information and its interruption held in tension, both refusing to give ground. It’s didactic but it’s also anti-sense, like New Waver’s ‘message songs’.

“Talk Lying Down” Christof Migone

New Waver: We Built This Suburb On Indie Rock

We moved to Brunswick, now its value grows

Northcote’s worth a billion, on to Broadmeadows

You’d hope that by now, we’d have learned our lesson

Please come to the opening of my micro-gallery in Preston

Stutterances is Liquid Architecture 2014’s talks program. It is an exercise in public speaking, private thinking, and social listening. We talk about sound. And sound is the medium through which we talk. So, talking is both the subject and the medium.

“Stop talking about talks” – Christof Migone

“Stop listening to listening” – Liquid Architecture

“Stop talking about listening” – everyone else

So… what about ‘listening to talking’?

“What am I in regard to Mask Mirror? A performer? A composer? A writer? A sound poet? A sound artist? The answer I give is simple and just one: I am a musician. And my material is language” — Alessandro Bosetti, Stutterances performer.

Italian artist Alessandro Bosetti takes us into the slippage between information and pure sound in speech – the point at which language becomes music, and at which music becomes a language – with his work Mask Mirror. Using a synthesiser to manipulate spoken word samples from field research, interviews, conversations and soliloquies to develop elaborate abstract live compositions, to perform, with his keyboard, as Peter Szendy might say, a ‘sonorous archive’ of the sound of speaking.

“The power of the stutterance, when it erupts from the uttering mouth, is the power to perform disruption on language. The stutter disturbs language’s servility to order, coherence and flow. We use the stutterance as a concept sharpened to pierce language, to make it leak.” — what we said

“Talk about the work of another as your own” Christof Migone

“I am Charlie Sofo” Makiko Yamamoto, performer at Stutterances speaks in the voice of her artist friend.

“Talk where only the audience talks” Christof Migone

For Ur 1st Luv, money talks. Literally, in that at Stutterances we will see the first dividends from their proposal in A Sound Investment, to transform cash into art, and hear what the artists have to say about it. (Talk is cheap – listening is expensive).

Ur 1st Luv. A Sound Investment. from Ur 1st Luv on Vimeo.

“Talk where only partial views are provided” Christof Migone

A partial view, a half-heard remark, a glimpse of the future, a mirror that’s black and light and sounds of surrender, or sorcery. (Emile Zile)

“Talk only in whispers and shouts” Christof Migone

as in;

  • A lecture in heavy metal by Johannes Kreidler
  • A scream in the lecture theatre by Kusum Normoyle

“Talk generously and genuinely” Christof Migone

What we hope we are doing.

Come join us at Stutterances this coming Thursday night: