EGYPT, (Thebes)<br/>
<em>Lid from the inner anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru</em> 747 BCE-600 BCE (detail)<br />

wood, linen, gesso, pigment<br />
21.5 x 44.0 x 178.0<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Purchased, 1938<br />
D145-1982<br />


Pharaoh Studio Workshop

Mon–Fri, 10am, 12:30pm,
Levels 3–8
NGV International

Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt with our art-making workshop! Explore the language of symbols and motifs as shown on objects in Pharaoh, reimagining them through a contemporary lens. Students will place themselves in the shoes of ancient Egyptian craftsmen, learning artistic techniques and conventions synonymous with pharaonic Egypt.

Each workshop commences with an introduction to the exhibition with an NGV educator, a scheduled break and self-guided viewing of Pharaoh. All art materials supplied. Please note we recommend allowing four hours for this excursion to accommodate exhibition viewing. This workshop is recommended for levels 3-8. Please contact bookings for inquiries outside recommended year levels.

Cost $40.5 per student
Duration 3 hours  

Students will

  • Identify and interpret ancient Egyptian symbols and motifs used in objects and artworks found in Pharaoh
  • Create a work of art using artistic techniques and conventions employed by ancient Egyptian craftsmen.
  • Develop a contemporary self-reflective piece of art exploring ideas of identity
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