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Media Release • 9 May 24

Discover Ancient Egypt for Kids this Winter at NGV

Ancient Egypt for Kids is a free exhibition inviting children to unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt through a series of activities exploring the art and culture of this fascinating world. Coinciding with the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces® exhibition Pharaoh at NGV International, this interactive exhibition will captivate young visitors and their families with displays of ancient Egyptian objects from NGV’s Collection, including a decorated coffin lid, over 2,500 years old, along with a space filled with gleaming gold walls and floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphs.

The exhibition is designed to evoke the mystery and wonder of ancient Egyptian culture. Children will step into a space to discover a golden funerary head covering and an elaborately decorated coffin illuminated to reveal imagery of gods, goddesses and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Through these objects, the artistry and craftsmanship of ancient Egyptian society comes to life.

Visitors will also encounter an inscribed stone slab depicting a family worshipping, offering a fascinating insight into the customs and beliefs of ancient Egyptian people while also inviting young visitors to unravel the mystery of ancient hieroglyphs. Inspired by these objects, together with the exhibition’s floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphs and imagery carved into the walls, children will be able to write their names in hieroglyphs through an art-making activity, using pencils and paper to reveal symbols, and creating a unique keepsake of their visit.

Especially for the gallery’s youngest visitors, a free play zone stacked with blocks will allow building and rebuilding pyramid formations. These hands-on activities will not only entertain but also provide rich learning experiences, allowing young visitors to engage with art, culture, and design in innovative ways.

Children will have the chance to dive deeper into history through a multimedia interactive quiz on the geography of ancient Egypt, the Nile River and the significance of the pharaohs, gods, and goddesses.

The exhibition is accompanied by an art activity book for kids, Who Were the Ancient Egyptians? which informs children about one of the greatest ancient civilisations through engaging puzzles, quizzes and art-making activities.

Minister for Creative Industries, Colin Brooks, said: ‘Exciting, interactive, and free, the Allan Labor Government is proud to back Ancient Egypt for Kids, which will bring the wonders of ancient Egypt to life for kids and their families. Packed with activities, this event is an excellent companion to the exclusive Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition Pharaoh and will be yet another reason to visit the NGV this winter.’

Tony Ellwood AM, Director, NGV, said: ‘Bringing objects from the NGV Collection into the spotlight for Ancient Egypt for Kids is a rare and exciting focus for a children’s exhibition. Ancient Egypt is an enduringly fascinating subject for young minds, so we are proud that this exhibition not only showcases these treasures but also aims to spark imagination, curiosity, and a love for learning about different cultures.’

Ancient Egypt for Kids is on display from 14 June – 6 October 2024 at NGV International, St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Free entry.

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