Paco Rabanne V Champagne

Golden girl

Fashion designer Paco Rabanne adored his ladies in all manner of things. In the 1960s it was tiles of paper, metal or plastic. Often large and outlandish, some say his designs were the reference in was the subject of the wild pop-art fairy tale Who Are You, Polly Magoo? (1966), a film that presented a satirical swipe at the sixties fashion world and its excesses. By the 1970s Rabanne was designing dresses of gold. He shrank his disks and curved their edges linking the tiles to make shimmering metal cloth. Here, in Evening dress c.1973, metallic mesh transforms its wearer into a golden statue; a priceless and seductive femme fatale that channels Cleopatra, one of history’s most powerful and infamous legends.

Paola Di Trocchio

Image: Kate Longley and Zoe Allnutt from Wardrobe V Pantry couldn’t decide if they liked fashion or food more so they just stuck ‘em together.