2022 NGV Architecture Commission - Temple of Boom. Photo: Sean Fennessy

The Acropolis, The Parthenon and The Temple of Boom

Sun 4 Dec 22, 11am–4.30pm

2022 NGV Architecture Commission - Temple of Boom. Photo: Sean Fennessy
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NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

Celebrating the opening of the 2022 NGV Architecture Commission: Temple of Boom, NGV presents an afternoon of free programs exploring the design of this evocative reimagining of the Parthenon and its ongoing significance.

11.00am–4.30pm The Acropolis in VR

12.00-12.30 Reimagining the Parthenon: Architects in Conversation

NGV Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture Ewan McEoin speaks with the architects behind the 2022 NGV Architecture Commission: Temple of Boom, Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang about their design thinking and approach.


Adam Newman is an architect at NWMN, a small architecture practice based in Melbourne. At NWMN, Adam’s principal focus is on adaptive building re-use and regeneration through the lens of conscious engagement with local ecologies. He has broad experience at the scales of urban master planning, social housing regeneration, civic and residential architecture, and industrial design and fabrication. Adam is a registered architect (ARBV), a member of Architeam, and a teaching associate at Monash University, Department of Architecture.

Kelvin Tsang is lead designer and technical director at NWMN. His interests lie in using narrative-driven architectural design and image production to promote conversations about architecture’s role as a driver of positive change.

Ewan McEoin is the Hugh Williamson Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

1.00–1.30pm The First Layer: Artists in Conversation

Temple of Boom will be painted over the summer months by Melbourne street and urban artists guest curated by Toby Benador, Founder and Director, Just Another Agency. Hear from the three artists that have collaborated on the first layer of paintings as they discuss their works, sharing the ways they have responded to the Temple of Boom and to each other.


David Lee Pereira is a visual artist whose works explore the fluidity of gender, sexuality and identity. Influenced by the work of impressionist and surrealist artists Georgia O’Keefe, Salvador Dali and Edvard Munch, Pereira has adorned the structure with large-than-life floral motifs that draw attention to nature’s flamboyant use of scent and colour to allure pollinators.

Manda Lane is a muralist, illustrator and paper-based artist from Collingwood, Victoria. With a keen focus on botanicals, her art explores the interactions between the natural world and industrial or man-made objects. In this mural installation, Lane depicts various growth behaviours of plants, creating a visual metaphor for personal expression and growth.

Drez is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne who uses colour and form to play with perspective. Drawing inspiration from art historical perspectives, including the Greenbergian Modernism and Op-Art schools, Drez’s work creates an intersection between abstract art and street art. For this installation, Drez has created a boldly colourful mural that changes composition when viewed from different angles.

Toby Benador is a neurodiverse, genderqueer, POC who successfully made a name for themselves as an independent gallery owner, project manager, and curator in the Urban Art sector for over 15 years.

Ewan McEoin is the Hugh Williamson Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victotia (NGV)

1.30–4.30pm DJ Set: Kazi John 

John Tanner is a Greek-Australian musician and Architect. His family are from the Greek island of Megisiti (Kastellorizo). As a musician he has released music under various aliases including Eleventeen Eston, Hugo Gerani & also as 1/2 of the Australian music project, Wilson Tanner. John is currently an architect at Melbourne architecture practice, Sibling Architecture.

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