The World of Jane Austen: for Teachers of English and Literature

Tue 3 Aug, 4pm–5pm (AEST)

Past program

This program takes place virtually

Immerse yourself in eighteenth century England and the world of Jane Austen. Using artworks in the NGV Collection, help students contextualise Austen’s work with a deeper understanding of the historical, social and cultural aspects of the time in which she lived. This professional learning program links to novels on the current VCE English and Literature text list: Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $20

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the cultural, historical, social and ideological contexts of Jane Austen’s novels.
  • Develop strategies for analysing, interpreting and discussing NGV artworks.
  • Compare and contrast the different approaches and techniques artists and writers use to create meaning.
  • Discuss the ways that different views and values can influence the interpretation of selected NGV works.
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