Everything Grows with Creativity

Creativity is a financial resource however its contribution to Australia’s economic outlook is consistently overlooked. Urging corporate Australia and Government agencies to look beyond conventional data linked to economic growth, Everything Grows with Creativity presents a series of graphs, charts and diagrams amended to include creativity – communicating that, when applied to financial matters, creativity can change trajectories and lead to unexpected opportunities.

Using Australian Bureau of Statistics, Reserve Bank of Australia and other publicly accessible economic data, TBWA/Melbourne have developed a suite of infographics and animations that use creativity to transform the existing economic picture and invite Australians to reappraise the value of creativity in shaping the nation’s economy.

TBWA was founded by William G. Tragos, Claude Bonnange, Uli Wiesendanger, and Paolo Ajroldi in 1970 in Paris (FR). Now headquartered in New York, TBWA established its first Australian agency in Melbourne (AUS) in 1994. TBWA\Melbourne ranked #4 Australian agency 2019-20 in The Work Awards presented by Campaign Brief (AUS), were named ‘Australian Agency of the Year’ at Spikes Asia (SG) in 2020 and ‘Best in Show’ at the London Design Awards in 2019.

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