In her likeness: Recasting the stories of famous women in art

By Jessica Lehmann, Billie Phillips, Sophie Gerhard and Maria Quirk

‘Who was this talented Maria Margaretha la Fargue?’

By Charles Dumas

Rebels: The Life-changing Women’s Movement Behind a Prison Medal

By Maria Quirk

The power of ‘women’s work’: craftivism

By Sigourney Jacks

Fashioning identity: Madeline Green, Gwen John and Claude Cahun

By Maria Quirk

Dancing on the edge: Sonia Delaunay and Harriet Whitney Frishmuth

By Ted Gott

Divergent Ambitions: The Door of Hope Mission in early twentieth-century Shanghai

By Annika Aitken

Indigenous Voices of Creative Assertion and Resistance

By Judith Ryan AM

Hester Bateman: An eighteenth-century entrepreneur

By Amanda Dunsmore

She Is Like No Other: A call and response to Umma (Mother)

By Kimberley Moulton, Yorta Yorta

Are You Listening? The poster as a site for resistance

By Megan Patty

Beyond Pretty: The possibilities of contemporary jewellery

By Myf Doughty

Women of Industry: Frances Burke and Joyce Coffey

By Harriet Edquist

Raising the Flag

By Meg Slater

Aboriginal Feminism and Gender

By Claire G. Coleman

Mary Beale: pioneer of portraiture

By Lisa Mansfield

Living Libraries: Feminist histories in the art of Emily Floyd

By Jane Devery

Selling Suffrage: Visual culture and merchandise

By Zoë Thomas

Claude Cahun

By Maggie Finch and Isobel Crombie

Rediscovering Fumie Taniguchi

By Chiho Sumida

Shirin Neshat: Dreamers

By Simon Maidment

Prada Coat

By Paola Di Trocchio

Artistic souls: Edward Burne-Jones and his portrait of Baronne Deslandes

By Emily Wubben

Marriage and murder: two wedding chests with representations of Judith

By Anna Drummond

Constance Jenkins, her painting Friendly critics and the National Gallery of Victoria Travelling Scholarship

By Jillian Dwyer

Arthur Hughes’s La Belle Dame sans merci and the femme fatale

By Dr Robyn Cooper

J. W. Waterhouse’s Ulysses and the Sirens: breaking tradition and revealing fears

By Michelle Bonollo

Taboo or Not Taboo, the fashions of Leigh Bowery

By Robyn Healy

The Multiple Worlds of Cindy Sherman’s History Portraits

By Beth Hinderliter

Bilda Miburiji Kurrij (Seeing with Far Eyes): The Root of Kaiadilt Women’s Art

By Nicholas Evans and Penelope Johnson