Amy Seymour   <br/>
<em>Cementality</em> 2022 <br/>
cement  <br/>
42 x 54 x 31.5 cm <br/>
Catholic Regional College Melton       <br/>
© Amy Seymour<br/>

Taking its name from a King Krule song, Cementality is Amy Seymour’s homage to brutalism. The architectural style, which emerged during the 1950s, preferences function over form and is characterised by solid forms, sharp edges and flat surfaces. Seymour’s imposing concrete figure, reproduces the power and permanence of brutalism’s buildings. The creation of Cementality was a painstaking process. Seymour experimented with various moulds and aggregates to gain an understanding of concrete’s properties. Each sharp, angular segment of the figure was set, piece by piece in a mould until the bust was complete.