Beth Pert <br/>
<em>Mycotoxins</em> 2022 <br/>
charcoal powder on paper, colour digital projection, sound <br/>
(1) 450.0 cm x 114.0 cm (2) 2 min, 35 sec <br/>
Melbourne Girls College, Richmond         <br/>
© Beth Pert<br/>

In my performance of Mycotoxin, I explore the concept of ‘invisible toxins’, specifically carcinogenic mould. I was particularly interested in how we go about our lives unaware of the everyday toxins silently harming our bodies, carcinogenic mould being one that has impacted myself and family’s health significantly. I had my brother motionless and oblivious in the centre as I danced around him, affecting him with the charcoal. The harming of the body is communicated in my piece through my movement with charcoal powder. The use of charcoal powder is ironic as it is in fact a supplement used to detox and draw toxins from the body. My use of the large white space acts as a canvas and enables you to immerse yourself in the piece and emotionally connect to the physical, confronting but beautiful nature of the artwork.