Jevons Wang  <br/>
<em>Where your faith lies</em> 2022 <br/>
plywood, polymethyl methacrylate, transparent synthetic polymer resin, synthetic polymer paint, synthetic polymer clay, air-dried modelling clay, wood, paper <br/>
44.4 x 34 x 29 cm <br/>
Mentone Grammar, Mentone   <br/>
© Jevons Wang<br/>

The cultural and mystical notions of rebirth.
The validity of cultural symbols in today’s age of technology.
The lanterns and their cultural means of ancestor communication present a cyclicity of life, and continuation of life after death.
The human presence of the feet interrupts the natural serenity, similar to human imposition of varying religious beliefs onto the world.
The contrast of natural/artificial methods and materials, representing the tangible scientific world, against the natural mystical world.
The artificial manufacturing of the ultramarine and gold paint contradict with nature’s laws, which elevated these colours’ value due to their scarcity.