Miranda Plowman <br/>
<em>Language is here</em> 2022 <br/>
enamel paint on 3D-printed plastic, inkjet print on paper on canvas  <br/>
(1-4) 10.3 x 48 x 10.3 cm (overall) (blocks) (5) 62.0 x 60.0 (variable) (jacket) <br/>
Virtual School Victoria, Thornbury        <br/>
© Miranda Plowman<br/>

My work is a 3D representation of language.

My work is formed around the concept of syllables, the smallest unit of speech, acting as physical building blocks to form words.

My body of work explores and expands on this concept using a range of mediums.

The 3D-printed sculpture displays the system, which I additionally photographed as an installation in the State Library.

My user’s manual allows individuals to understand the meaning behind the system.

I made a wearable book which folds out into a jacket to display the manual in a fittingly interactive manor.