Rufus Punton <br/>
<em>Eventide – homage to Picasso</em> 2022 <br/>
etching, spit biting and aquatint <br/>
54.6 x 39.8 cm (plate), 69.6 x 54.0 cm (sheet) <br/>
Portland Secondary College, Portland        <br/>
© Rufus Punton<br/>

This etching is a portrait of my grandparents. How we value the elderly, and their life experience is explored. The intense linework in the figures is symbolic of their age and experience accumulated through many years of living and working the land. In contrast to Picasso’s The Frugal Repast in which intimacy is explored in a French restaurant, emotional connection is explored in my grandmother’s kitchen and living room. So, despite the homage revealing people over 100 years apart, the way humans connect intimately remains constant across, countries, cultures, and time.