Kelly Hirschmann   <br/>
<em>Trace fossil</em> 2022 <br/>
engraving on inkjet print  <br/>
97.1 x 144.7 cm (framed) <br/>
Cathedral College, Wangaratta      <br/>
© Kelly Hirschmann<br/>

I was determined to make people think differently about our empirical reality, and even if just for a moment, remember our earth-lightness that connects us to the natural world. Nature’s spirit interconnects everything ubiquitously and breathes life into us with our roots emanating from the ends of the roots of nature. Like an asymmetric balance, we likewise use instincts to grow out of the darkness of unpredicted action and we inherently depend on each other for stability. Therefore, I explore a sense of connection…an invisible energy in the atmosphere that elaborates on the fossilised instincts of the spirit in the subconscious.