Qualities of light and the cycle of day to night inform British artist and designer Faye Toogood’s reimagining of the NGV’s seventeenth-century Flemish, Dutch and British galleries, under the title Downtime: Daylight, Candlelight, Moonlight. Toogood plunges us deep into a period sensibility – which witnessed the birth of capitalism and the Enlightenment – using her designs and artworks in dialogue with a selection of works from the NGV Collection. Toogood has designed three spaces, each alluding to the qualities of light present in the historical artworks. Daylight creates a dialogue between landscape and still-life paintings by artists of the seventeenth century, Toogood’s crystal furniture and her monumental Day tapestry, which features an assemblage of flora and agricultural produce tumbling against a backdrop of land and sky. Candlelight captures the lighting qualities seen in the portraiture by Rembrandt, de Vries and Hanneman. Toogood’s hand-painted wall scenography informs a surreal, salon-style interior, quickly sketched, as if in a dream state. Her Family bust sculptures conceived at the meeting point of abstraction and figuration, occupy centre stage. Moonlight brings Toogood’s Downtime installation to a luminous and reflective close. Dissolving into darkness, Night tapestry acts as a melancholic backdrop to her furniture and lighting designs, alongside seventeenth-century silverware, furniture and prints