‘I grew up playing a lot of sports, and my brothers are all athletes and so is my sister. The work mainly focuses on classism, the idea of being elite and my personal experiences with those ideas … I think trophies, in a way, to me at least, are a very American thing – the athlete mindset and being competitive at a really young age. Also, I feel like there’s more emphasis on the Black body to be good at some type of labour. I think trophies, they’re always doing some type of position, like in the middle of doing something. Usually within the media, or even photography, Black people are always in motion. You never can just be at rest. My work is tied to racism and classism, if you look at the plaques. I think Americans don’t really play sports just to play a sport. It’s looked at more as damn near a career. The personal, social and political, they all essentially connect, but they’re not identical. So, there’s a lot of things within these trophies that people can look at and resonate with, but it’s not a universal piece. I’m not trying to make it a universal piece. It’s very personal.’