Frozen winter landscapes Levels 1-5 Graphic portraits: inspired by Julian Opie’s Walking in the Rain series Levels 6-10 Everyday moments: inspired by David Hockney’s digital still life paintings Levels 7-10 Accessory design: inspired by Comme des Garçons Levels 7-10 Composite creatures: inspired by guardian spirits from ancient China Level 2-4 Figurative flora print: inspired by Australian printmaker and painter Margaret Preston Levels 5-8 End of school day, 3p.m.: inspired by John Brack’s Collins Street, 5p.m. Levels 3-6 Poster design for change: inspired by twentieth century Japanese graphic design Level 7-10 The Australian landscape: inspired by Fred Williams’s You Yangs series Levels 2-6 Suburban collages: inspired by Howard Arkley’s Actual Fractual Levels 5-8 Obscured figures: inspired by Nick Cave’s Soundsuit series Level 5–6 Pop art portraits: inspired by Andy Warhol’s Self-portrait No. 9 Levels 1-4 Emotions in art Levels P-3 Expressive skies: inspired by Impressionism Levels 4-6 Magical masks Level 1-4 Dramatic animal painting Levels 3-6 Tissue collage: inspired by Impressionism Levels 2–6 Make your mark: design your own Japanese inspired emblem Levels 5–6 Abstraction action: inspired by Melinda Harper’s works Levels 1–3 Decorative blue and white porcelain paintings: inspired by Asian art Levels 3–4 Designers and builders: inspired by the Memphis Design Group Level 4–6 Draw like an Egyptian: canopic jars Level 4–6 Distorted cities Levels 4–6 Decorative pots: inspired by the Hermannsburg Potters Level 3-6 Bern Emmerichs: A is for Australia Levels 5-6