Book Launch: Peter Milne: Personal Hygiene
Text by Darren Tofts │Designed by Yanni Florence │ Presented by M.33

Sun 1 May 16, 2pm

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

“The work is a response to some of the hopelessly shabby truths that are defining features of the human species but also an attempt to address this in a positive, humorous way through the prism of our relationship to other Primates. Yes, we humans are grotesquely hubristic, with a capacity for venality that is deeply ingrained …but we still share some common joys that unite us as a global community. One of these is our love of monkey frolics.”

Peter Milne, introduction to Personal Hygiene.

To be launched by Adam Harding, Director of Horsham Regional Art Gallery

NGV International