NGV International Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat
Crossing Lines
NGV International Colin McCahon
Letters and Numbers
NGV International Shirin Neshat
NGV International Collecting Comme NGV Australia Black Bamboo
Contemporary Furniture Design
from Mer, Torres Strait
NGV Australia Tammy Kanat
Circles of Life
NGV Australia Olympia
Photographs by Polixeni Papapetrou
NGV Australia Petrina Hicks
Bleached Gothic
NGV International KAWS
Companionship in the Age of Loneliness
NGV International KAWS: PLAYTIME NGV Australia Civilization
The Way We Live Now
NGV Australia Lucy McRae
Body Architect
NGV Australia Roger Kemp
Visionary Modernist
NGV International Steve Carr
Chasing the Light
NGV TOURING Desert Lines
Batik from Central Australia
NGV International Turning Points
Contemporary Photography from China
NGV International Terracotta Warriors & Cai Guo-Qiang NGV International A Fairy Tale in Red Times
Works from the White Rabbit Collection
NGV International Julian Rosefeldt
In the land of drought
NGV Australia Rosslynd Piggott
I sense you but I cannot see you
NGV Australia John Dermer
NGV International Alexander Calder
Radical Inventor
NGV International Alexander Calder: Workshop for Kids NGV Australia Top Arts 2019
25 Years at NGV
NGV International SO – IL
Viewing China
NGV International Liquid Light
500 Years of Venetian Glass
NGV Australia Hans and Nora Heysen
Two Generations of Australian Art
NGV Australia John Wardle Architects
Somewhere Other
NGV International The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift NGV Australia Darren Sylvester
Carve a Future, Devour Everything, Become Something